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Self-checking guide

Compliance guide

Fenavian creates the compliance guide

Why introduce a compliance guide?

It is a legal obligation within the food chain to develop a self-cregulatory system with regard food safety, legal quality and the traceability of any food produced (Royal Decree of 14 November 2003). In order to fulfil these legal requirements, you can consult Fenavian’s ‘compliance guide’ created by and for the purposes of this specific sector. This document, which has been approved by FASFC, the Federal Food Safety Agency, contains recommendations regarding how legal hygiene; traceability and self-regulatory requirements can be fulfilled.

In addition to Fenavian’s compliance guide for the producers of meat products, guides are also available for the production of food products in these sectors:

Meat products- FENAVIAN
Ready meals- BREMA
Salads – VEFASAL
Natural casings – BVBD

Price for Fenavian members:€350
Price for non-mmbers:€600

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