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Meat is a sensitive product. The image of meat is not always positive, which is a pity because we have a lot to be proud of!

That is why we have created the “Meat Products from Belgium” campaign, in order to put meat products from here and our Belgian companies in the spotlight. Dive into the world of our Belgian meat products producers :

Our products are of a high quality, controls are severe in Europe, and a high importance is given to food security and care for ingredients during production. We produce meat with real expertise.

Our products have a high nutritional value, contain little/no sugars or carbohydrates, are rich in proteins and minerals including iron, magnesium as well as vitamin B12, …

Our production has an impact on the environment, that’s true! But … our companies are making a lot of efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Waste water purification, water recuperation, alternative energy initiatives are but a few examples.

There is nothing such nutritious as a meat sandwich for our children!

We also pay a lot of attention to animal welfare. During recent years, good animal husbandry has become the norm in our sector and a lot of efforts were undertaken.

We employ 6000 people. We contribute to our society as employers and entrepreneurs.

Meat products have different calories: we offer a wide choice of healthy meat to the market

Eating meat products is an essential element of a balanced healthy lifestyle

Position Papers

Fenavian is contributing to the improvement of the image of meat products.
Within VLAM, Fenavian participates in the various working groups on meat (poultry, beef, pigs, specifications, regional products, etc.).
Together with the people of fresh meat and agriculture, we developed the Position Papers.