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Becoming a member

10 reasons to join Fenavian

Fenavian is a employers’ organization that supports, informs and advises companies on issues related tot the Belgian meat products industry.

Fenavian is an informal and friendly meeting place for entrepreneurs and their managers.

Fenavian informs you daily about regional, national and international news, market reports, studies and price evolutions by newsletters or flash messages. 

Fenavian vertegenwoordigt het ondernemerschap en is een klankbord van Belgische vleeswarenindustrie.  Fenavian represents entrepreneurship and is a sounding board of the Belgian meat products industry.

Fenavian provides expert advice and guidance in almost all management tasks.

Fenavian gives your company, products and services the deserved visibility.

Fenavian is part of the largest national and international network.

Fenavian coordinates various management support and innovation projects, such as: Optimeat and phythome.

Fenavian is a platform for contemporary problems faced by meat products manufacturers and provides support where necessary.

Fenavian helps you in terms of labeling, environmental, social, export, marketing, …

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