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About Fenavian

About Fenavian

Fenavian represents the
Belgian meat processing industry






meat processing companies

billion annual turnover

Who is who?

Board of Directors

Louis Philippe Michielssen, President, Vleeswaren L. Michielssen
Xavier Etienne, Vice-President, Detry
Dirk Cornelis, Vice-President, Corma
Frank Vandendriessche, Imperial Meat Products
Hendrik Nauta, Nauta
Kurt Hoste, Marco Beth
Maurits Vanden Avenne, Bens Retail

Technical scientific workgroup

Guido Bresseleers, President

Marketing & communication workgroup

Dirk Cornelis, President

Director Fenavian

Anneleen Vandewynckel, Director

Advisor Fenavian

Saskia Mertens, Advisor

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